Cenizaro ATV Tour

Of the many ATV tours available in the Guanacaste region we consider this to be one of the best for many reasons. One of the most important ones, from the safety point of view, is that the entire ATV tour takes place inside a hacienda (ranch) so there is no public road riding – that means no sharing the road with buses, trucks and cars. Being inside a private property during the entire tour also offers a chance to ride through nature trails where forest and wildlife can be spotted. Monkeys, birds and iguanas are among the animals you can expect to see. And since this is a working ranch you could also see the “sabaneros” (the Costa Rican cowboy) at work in the vast open fields at the hacienda.

The high point of the tour, literally, are the spectacular views from the highest point at the hacienda. From there you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean and, if possible, the amazing sunsets. Oh, and finally, this ATV tour can be easily combined with the Borinquen Combo Tour. Ask for details.