Borinquen Combo Tour


A super easy, extremely fun zip line tour is the highlight of our most popular tour. A laid-back, family friendly adventure with unrivaled scenery.

Cañon de La Vieja Rafting

Zip-line down to the Colorado river and then tackle its super fun class II and III rapids. In between rapids leisurely explore the river canyons and their beauty.

Cenizaro ATV


This is one of the few ATV tours taking place entirely in a private farm. So skip the dusty public road riding and start exploring from the get-go.

Guachipelin Combo Tour


For the most adventurous, Hacienda Guachipelin offers a day packed with adventure activities like river tubbing, rappelling, zip lining and horseback riding.

Arenal Volcano Day Tour


See the most iconic sight in Costa Rica - Arenal Volcano. A gentle giant surrounded by lush tropical forests, exotic hot springs and extreme zip lines.

Nicaragua Day Tour


With its colorful, colonial city of Granada, its active Masaya Volcano and its lively open-air markets, the Nicaragua Day Tour is a window to bygone years.

Sensoria Land of Senses


Walk a beautiful network of tropical forest trails through this enchanting mountain, all leading to crystal clear ponds, waterfalls and hot spring pools.

Monteverde Night Tour


Explore and discover the sounds and sights of a tropical cloud forest at night. The perfect chance to see wildlife only few people can see.

Tenorio River Rafting


Travel over 20 kilometers (12.5 mi.) and experience over 22 class III and IV rapids in the Tenorio River. Then wrap it all up with a 12-foot waterfall drop.