Monteverde Night Tour

For nature lovers and those who don’t mind the darkness of a tropical cloud forest, the Monteverde Night Tour will be a highlight in your trip to Costa Rica. Why do a tour at night? You might ask. Well, the reason is simple – most animals in a tropical cloud forest are nocturnal. In fact, up to 80% of all wildlife is active at night in the tropical forests. So, the chances of seeing wildlife are much better at night.

This tour takes place at a specially chosen reserve that combines the elements most nocturnal animals look for – food and coverage from the high winds that are common in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Your guide will expertly look for the hints wildlife around the reserve. Carefully listening and walking quietly you can find from tarantulas to snakes and sleeping birds to mammals like armadillos, coatis, agoutis, kinkajous and even ocelots. A myriad of small, cool looking insects can also be seen during your walk. To summarize, the Monteverde Night Tour is the best chance to see wildlife in their natural element. Period.