Nicaragua Day Tour

Nicaragua, Nicaragua, Nicaragua. Ask a “tico” (nickname for Costa Ricans) where they go vacationing and most will say Nicaragua. And it is easy to see why. From the awe-inspiring and active Masaya Volcano, to the colorful cobble streets of the colonial city of Granada, this tour is a must. With an early morning start, we head to the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border crossing where, by just crossing the border, you will be transported 20 years back in time. So, don’t be surprise if you share the road with horse and buggy taxis.

Our first destination is the Catarina’s lookout point which offers commanding views of Laguna de Apoyo, a lake occupying the caldera of an extinct volcano, and in the distance the colonial city of Granada. Your guide will explain the importance of the town of Catarina during the Somoza-Sandinista civil war and what is best known for in Nicaragua – no spoilers here. The tour then continues to the impressive Masaya Volcano crater where, if the weather and conditions allow it, you will be able to see and take pictures of the lava activity deep in its crater. Since this is an active volcano, time at the crater is limited to 20 minutes per group.

After we have experienced the might of an active volcano it’s time to head to the city of Masaya. There we will visit the arts and crafts Masaya Market. This is one of the largest arts and crafts, open air markets in Central America. Browse through its colorful sidewalks, full of small shops offering fabric, wooden and metal crafts made locally and get a taste of life in a typical Nicaragua town. Our tour finally heads to the beautiful city of Granada, adorned with coble streets, horse carriages and centuries old churches. You will learn about the city’s tragic but interesting history and then take a boat tour around the Isletas in Cocibolca Lake, a group of 365 small islands formed by a large scale eruption of the Mombacho Volcano thousands of years ago.