Wildlife River Safari

Jump in our vans and follow the dusty backroads of Guanacaste to get to the small towns at the banks of the Tempisque River. These quaint towns might be small in size, but they are big in history and your guide will explain why at some point this river was the gateway to Guanacaste Province. But the Tempisque’s value is not only historical since, as the largest rive in Guanacaste, carries a full flow of water throughout the year, something that is vital in a region that sees up to 6 months of dry weather every year. This makes the Tempisque river an Oasis for all kinds of wildlife in the Palo Verde National Park which it runs through as it heads towards the Pacific Ocean.

Taking advantage of this oasis, your captain and guide will navigate the river banks and adjacent channels looking for crocodiles, white face monkeys, iguanas, lizards and water birds like the mighty Jabiru. You will also be able to spot Blue Herons, White Ibis and most commonly Wood Storks and the gorgeous Roseate Spoonbill. Our tour then winds down by a leisurely sail back to the docks and we will head to one of the quaint little towns for a typical Guanacaste style lunch.